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About Us

Here's who we are, and how Reap came to be

Our Team

Reap's co-founder, Daren Guo - image
Daren Guo


Reap's software engineer, Dennis Tse- image
Dennis Tse

Software Engineer

Reap's software engineer, Geoff Gardner - image
Geoff Gardner

Software Engineer

Reap's software engineer, John Pham - image
John Pham

Software Engineer

Reap's marketing director, Keith Chan- image
Keith Chan

Marketing Director

Reap's co-founder, Kevin Kang - image
Kevin Kang


Reap's UI/UX designer, Vickie Yim - image
Vickie Yim

UI/UX Design Director

Our world-class investors

Reap is part of the Cyberport Incubation Programme

We are also thankful to have the support and investment of a network institutional and angel investors from around the world, with extensive experience in payments, credit, and startups

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