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Pay your rent, salaries, invoices, vendors and other expenses using your credit card to earn more air miles. Start reaping the benefit today!

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Make your payment life easier

Reap is a secure, online payment platform that allows your business to pay ALL expenses using your existing credit cards whether your recipients accepts cards or not

Reap boost your cash flow when using the lending money  platform
Boost Your Cash Flow

Access up to 58 days of interest-free financing through your existing credit cards

Reap ease your payments terms when using the lending money platform
Ease Your Payment Terms

Pay your vendors immediately and keep your cash as long as your business needs it

reap get early payment discounts when using the platform
Get Early Payment Discounts

Pay earlier and receive more favourable pricing from your suppliers

Reap your all in one money lending platform
Your All-In-One Secure Platform

Pay your : Business Services, Club Fees, Mortgage, Contractors, Employees, Rent Freelancers, Insurance, Legal Services, etc...

automate your business payments with Reap lending money platform
Automate Reap Payments

Simplify and automate recurring invoice management, reporting and reconciliation process

Earn reward in your credit card using reap money platform
Earn Rewards

Earn airline miles, program points, or cash back when paying with your credit card

Trusted by SMEs like yours

Reap International payments

From Hong Kong & Singapore

Pay Anyone, Anywhere. Available in 40 Currencies

“ I like the new crossborder feature.  I received 100 k USD from my  Hong Kong customer in 2 business days. No need for foreign exchange contracts or overseas bank accounts.”
Adrian Park
Entrepreneur, USA
“With Reap, I pay my suppliers with my credit card in 2 clicks . It’s faster, easier and cheaper than a bank.”
Blake Padilla
Entrepreneur, Brazil
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"Very interesting product for SMEs backed by a great team."
Calvin Sparks
Startup, Egypt
“Reap teams are incredibly helpful and service are up to standard!
Highly recommended!!! 😍
Anastasia Volkova
Designer, Russia
“Easy to use, great service, and a great way to send money with Reap. I use it every month to pay my company rent and get some rewards.”
Emily Lawson
CEO, Japan
“Great service to help SMEs to operate and grow 👍”
Joshua Marshall
Business Owner, Australia
International Payment
in 1 Click
Global Coverage
Competitive Exchange Rate
High Speed Of Payment

We support all major banks

How it works

Make fast and secure payments directly on our platform that enables you to do one-off, automatic or future-dated payments on your terms

Make your first payment today

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Simple pricing

No subscription fees. No hidden costs

Reap support Mastercard Credit CardReap support Visa Credit Card
Reap support American Express Credit Card

Let Reap pay for itself insavings

Up to 58 days extended working capital
On-time payment guarantee
Credit card points and rewards
Fast payouts in just 3 business days
Easy payment scheduling
Pay-as-you-go, no subscription or contracts
Dedicated account manager

Earn Rebates


Many credit cards offer cash or travel rewards for spending

Business Expense Tax Deduction


Transaction costs can be classified as business expense on tax returns

Early Payment Discounts


Negotiate better early payment terms from suppliers

+3.5% of total potential value

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Pricing is per transaction, Hong Kong or Singapore cards
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our pricing plans. And don’t forget to check the FAQ page

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