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“A Great Workplace Combines Exceptional Colleagues and Hard Problems.”

We Are People With Heart

There are 5 attributes that we value in people at Reap

Reap Value 1 :  we are Humble


Self-aware, focused on improvements and always respectful

Reap Value 2 :  we are Empathetic


Acts with compassion and
respect for customers,
partners and colleagues

Reap Value 3 :  we are Adaptable


Curious, responsive and
lifelong learners

Reap Value 4 :  we are Remarkable


Remarkably helpful,
Remarkably resourceful,
Remarkably effective

Reap Value 5 :  we are Transparent


Open and honest with others
and with themselves

We Are Hiring

At Reap we are looking for motivated people, comfortable within a flexible early start-up environment, capable of taking initiative and driving new ideas forward.

Reap Recruits a software engineer


If you are curious and always interested in taking on a new challenge; if you are rigorous and always a perfectionist when it comes to your code; and if you are creative always in search of a unique solution, you belong here

Reap Recruits a business development & sales


We are looking for proven, kick ass Business Development Manager who loves helping clients win & closing deals . We're looking for someone who self-driven and who loves to work with inspired (and inspiring) teams.

Reap Recruits a Product Designer


Reap is looking for a passionate UI / UX Designer who loves creating high converting designs. We’re hoping to meet someone who is self-driven, with good values and who loves to work in a startup environment.


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