About Us

Here's who we are, and how Reap came to be

Our Story

“Our overall goal is to reduce the barriers to small business, lending and help turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary businesses.”

In 2010, we started a boutique production company specialising in wedding videography and photography in Toronto, Canada.
We should have realised the importance of the old saying: cash is king.
Suppliers and employees demanded on time payments with no credit terms, and customers seemed to always pay late. Instead of being focused on the product and growth, we felt like we were always in a tight cash crunch.

We did not have the company financial history to apply for a loan or collateral to get secured credit. All we had were our personal credit cards, light savings and an optimistic attitude. If only there was a tool back then that would allow us to for more expenses with credit.

After going through the struggles of cash flow ourselves, we wanted to provide small business owners to focus on their strengths: building and selling their product.

Our Goals & Values

At Reap , we believe that how we do business is as important as what we do.
Our values are central to our vision.

Team spirit

In our changing world, our customers want a company that is a responsible, trusted and agile partner. As a team, we respond to their needs with a spirit of service nourished by the diversity of expertise and knowledge of each.
At Reap, we want to work with our customers; listening, valuing contributions, solidarity in success as in difficulties.


We want to continually improve the customer experience by working together to adapt our solutions, practices and relationships to the uses of tomorrow and taking advantage of technological innovations.
Through our entrepreneurial spirit, we transform our ways of working by cultivating and sharing experimentation.
We learn from our successes as well as our failures.


Our responsibility and our ethics are to respond to the needs of our customers with speed, preserving the long-term interest of all stakeholders in disciplined compliance with the rules of our business.
Our responsibility is also expressed through the courage to take actions and decisions and to express opinions with transparency.
Finally, it is as important the way to achieve the results as the results themselves.

Our Amazing Team

Daren Guo
I serendipitously joined the payments world as the first member of Stripe's Growth team in San Francisco before leading Stripe's launch in HK, Singapore and China.
In my spare time, I dabble in podcasts, live music, basketball and niche Vice documentaries.
Dennis Tse
Software engineEr
I am a full-stack software engineer from Hong Kong. Before joining Reap, I was a backend software engineer and contributed to the growth of another fast growing startup in Hong Kong.
I spend most of my spare time to take rest, mostly taking some walk around Hong Kong, but I do enjoy sports like hiking, jogging, squash and badminton.
Guillaume Surrusca
marketing lead
With over 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing developing E-commerce platforms and Inbound Marketing creating online customer engagement, I'm using now my experience and knowledge in branding Reap online platform.
As a wine lover, I enjoy and collect great wines. Always out for a drink!
John Pham
software engineer
I'm passionate about good architecture, functional programming, and best practices. I have started my career writing PHP before falling in love with Ruby and Python.
When I'm not writing code, you can find me buried in a kindle, surf at the beach or just walk around to explore a new city.
Kevin Kang
I'm a former finance and investment professional with experience in North America and Asia. Prior to Reap, I completed my masters degree in business in both France and Singapore. Now, I'm excited to be part of this high-caliber team, building a growing technology business.
Outside of work, you can find me hiking the trails of Hong Kong or gaming with my friends online.

Our Seasoned Advisory Board

Jieren Chen
Technical advisor
Currently CEO at Lychee.ai, a start-up solving big data problems for all businesses. Former Stripe Engineering Lead who led the launch of Stripe Connect, managing team of developers and designers
Kenneth King
Commercial Advisor
Experienced Hong Kong entrepreneur at a number of successful ventures, including serving as former co-founder and CEO of Chinese mobile application Tian Tian and former founding COO of Tessa Therapeutics
Thomas Pun
operational Advisor
Y Combinator alumni, Thomas served as the CEO of pipely and led the company to acquisition. Prior to being a YC founder, he spent 6 years at Apple, creating 10+ patents in the field of compression algorithm and multimedia system design

Our World-Class Investors

Reap is part of the Cyberport Incubation Programme

We are also thankful to have the support and investment of a network institutional and angel investors from around the world, with extensive experience in payments, credit, and startups