Booqed is a marketplace for anyone looking for space, from co-working desks,
meeting rooms, event spaces or music studios.

1. Story that launched Booqed

Just like you, we have suffered through the noise and distractions in using public establishments as workspaces. Through our own travels, we experienced the hassle of finding satisfactory venues to conduct business meetings and accomplish tasks. After too many spilled coffees, frustrating hotel lobby hopping, and several missed opportunities, we finally decided to take matters into our own hands. Booqed materialized from our desire to eliminate and spare everyone from the adverse effects of unpleasant and unavailable venues. Now anyone can find a variety of different space options that more than meets their needs, whether it be for work, social or recreational, when they want it, where they want it. It’s time to reimagine space.

2. The Team

We are a group of young, vibrant entrepreneurs hailing from all around the world. Equipped with diverse and international backgrounds, we aim to bring Booqed from Hong Kong to all around Asia, Europe, Australasia and beyond. Although we come from different fields, we share the same commitment in perfecting our work while laughing at ourselves and with one another. Nothing excites us more than an opportunity to solve problems and ease others' lives.

3. Booqed Testimonial

Q: Your experience before using Reap Platform: Can you Summarize three points of frustration you faced.

1.     Delay in processing days, specifically longer than expected.
2.     Recipient not knowing the incoming payment was about as it only states Reap with no reference information or sender information e.g. “on behalf of Booqed Limited…”
3.     If there is a mobile app experience, that would be fantastic (coming soon).

Q: Your experience using Reap. How has it helped you to overcome the challenges you had before?

The ability to leverage the credit card for payments traditionally unable to process via credit card is helpful, although gauging whether the service charge attached to each transaction is worth it from a financial point of view.  The few percentage points do add up quickly.

Q: How has this Reap helped you achieve your business goals?

Reap has been fantastic in allowing us to manage/extend our cash flow situation better than previous as we are able to leverage the additional 30 days via credit cards.
Crucial benefit that any startup or SME can definitely take advantage of.  

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