Using credit card to pay is not uncommon in Hong Kong. There are plenty of different credit cards in the market and each of them has its own characteristics. But what they do share in common is that all of them have attractive rewards and rebates arrangements. Especially to Hong Kongers who usually enjoy travelling as a way of relaxation, using credit cards to earn miles in exchange for flight tickets is a very good deal. It is also for this reason, the use of credit cards is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. But have you ever thought of a scenario where the recipient does not accept credit cards? Can you still use credit card to pay? It may have been a no, but now, with Reap, it is definitely a yes.

Reap is an online payment platform that allows individuals and businesses to pay with credit cards, even if the recipients do not accept credit cards. As long as you are purchasing goods and services, you can pay through our dashboard to earn more credit card points, miles and rewards (want to know what kind of expenses you can pay for on Reap?).

Reap dashboard has a very user-friendly and simple layout, but we do receive enquiries from customers from time to time, especially from new users. Therefore, we are writing this blog and hopefully this can provide some useful guidance to our users.

Account registration and activation

If you are new to Reap, the first thing you have to do is to create an account on Reap with your email address. You only need to fill in a few pieces of basic personal information and the registration process only takes less than a minute. Depending on the language of our device, Reap dashboard can either be in English or Chinese.

Once you have successfully created an account, you will see the following page asking you to verify your email address.

Even if you don’t verify your email address immediately, you can still get access to our dashboard. After a simple navigation, you will be directed to your home page.

To use Reap's service, you have to verify your mobile phone number. You can see this field under "Activate your Account".

To verify your phone number, there are four options. Other than the most commonly used SMS verification method, you can also get the verification code through Whatsapp message, Whatsapp call or Facebook notification. Also, during account activation, you have to decide if you want to create a personal or a business account. Do make sure that you don’t get this wrong!


Apart from “Activate your account”, there are three main buttons on the menu of our dashboard, namely “Cards”, “Recipients” and “Payment Management”. Before making your first payment, you can add your credit card and recipient information here in advance. Alternatively, you can also fill in the information when you make your payment. Our system will automatically record every new recipient and credit card information you add per new transaction. This is to save your time in having to fill in the same information again next time.

To make a payment on Reap, click “Payment Management” on the menu, then click “+Create your first payment” in the center of the page (or if it is not your first payment, click “+New Payment” on the top right hand corner).

There are 5 steps in total, you can always go back and forth by utilizing the progress bar at the top of the page.

Step 1: “Recipient”

Fill in your recipient details, bank account details and recipient address details here. For Recipient type, you can choose from Rent, Insurance, Suppliers, Education, Salary and Other. Make sure that the payment you intend to make is within Reap’s service scope.To credit card issuers, all these are regarded as online payments.

If you added some recipients to your account previously, you will see a different page layout as follows.You can choose the recipient you want to pay to from your existing recipients and the system will fill in the recipient information for you automatically. If he is not in your list yet, click “Add a new recipient” and fill in the same information as described above. He will be added to your “Recipients” automatically to facilitate your next payment.

In particular, if you want to pay for utilities (water, electricity, gas), you can select the Water Supplies Department, CLP Tower/Hong Kong Electric or Towngas directly under “Bank code”. You can put your bill number under “Account number”. As for the recipient’s email address, phone number and address, you can normally find them on their website. Just fill in their general enquiries or customer service contact information. As for government department, you can choose “Inland Revenue Department” and “Hong Kong Post” directly under “Bank code”. For others, you need to have their bank account number in order to be able to use Reap. The same is applicable to paying management fee of your housing estates.

To facilitate our users, our team have summarized the information of a few key recipients below:

Water Supplies Department

Email address: wsdinfo@wsd.gov.hk

Phone number: 2824 5000

Address: 48th Floor, Immigration Tower,7 Gloucester Road,Wanchai,Hong Kong

CLP Power

Email address: csd@clp.com.hk

Phone number: 2678 2678

Address: 8 Laguna Verde Avenue,Hung Hom, Kowloon,Hong Kong

Hong Kong Electric

Email address: cs@hongkongelectric.com

Phone number: 2887 3411

Address: 9/F, Electric Centre, 28 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong Kong


Email address: webmaster@towngas.com

Phone number: 2880 6988

Address: G/F, 363 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Inland Revenue Department

Email address: taxinfo@ird.hk

Phone number: 187 8088

Address: Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Post

Email address: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk

Phone number: 2921 2222

Address: General Post Office,2 Connaught Place,Central, Hong Kong

If you feel uncertain about the above information or that of other recipients, feel free to contact us.

Step 2: “Amount”

In this step, you have to fill in a payment description and your payment sum, choose an arrival date and upload a support document. The arrival date can be today, or you can also schedule a future payment. Other than a one-time payment, you can also schedule your payment weekly, monthly or yearly to pay for regular expenses such as rent.

Step 3: “Card”

Fill in your credit card information here.

Of course, if you added credit cards to “Cards” in advance, you don’t have to fill in the information again here. If you have two or more credit cards on Reap dashboard, our system will choose your default card. In these two cases, our system will skip both step 3 and 4 and goes to the final step directly. It is because step 4: “You” only contains the basic information that you filled in when your account was first created.

Step 5: “Confirm”

Finally, you can check if the information you filled in are accurate or not. If you want to amend them, you can click the “edit” button to the lower right of “Payment details”, “Recipient details” or “Credit card details”. Alternatively, you can also click on the progress bar on top to go back to the previous steps.

For example, if you don’t want to use your default card this time, you can click “edit” next to “Credit card details” to go back to step 3. You can choose another card on our system (if any), or add a new card. If you want to correct your personal information, you can also click “You” to amend it at step 4.

If you have a Reap promotional code, do fill it in in the “Promo code” field under “Apply promo code and credits”, click “Redeem” and you will get the associated Reap Credits. Finally, check the box next to “Apply your Reap Credits” and you can waive part of or all of your transaction cost on Reap.

We hope this blog can provide more information as to how our dashboard works, especially to new users.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email.


To better serve our customers, the Reap team will revise the dashboard continuously to improve its layout and functions. Therefore, the above information may not be a perfect match with our dashboard. Thank you for your understanding!



使用Reap dashboard的方式十分簡單,但我們不時也會收到新用戶的咨詢。因此,我們特意寫了這一篇網誌,希望給予用戶更多指引。


首先,如果你從未使用過Reap的話,需要以電郵登記成為Reap的用戶,登記流程簡單,只需填寫基本個人資料,需時不到1分鐘。視乎你使用的裝置的語言,Reap 的dashboard有中文和英文兩個選擇。


即使你不立刻驗證你的電郵,也可以進入Reap dashboard,經過一個簡單的導航之後,就會去到你的主頁。

要使用 Reap 的服務,你必須核實你的電話號碼。你可以在「激活你的帳戶」這一頁輸入你的電話號碼。

要驗證電話號碼,你有四種可選擇的方式,除了最常用的SMS短訊驗證外,你也可以通過Whatsapp訊息、Whatsapp call或Facebook 通知驗證。另外,激活帳號的時候,你需要選擇建立個人或公司戶口,一定要小心不要選錯了!


除了「激活你的帳號」外,Reap dashboard 左邊的控制欄上有三個主要按鈕,分別是「您的信用卡」、「您的受款人」和「支付管理」。在添加第一筆付款之前,你可以預先添加信用卡和受款人的資料。你也可以在付款的時候才填寫相關資料。系統會自動紀錄所有新的受款人和信用卡資料,方便你下次再付款給他。


付款步驟分為五步。你可以在頁面正上方的 progress bar 看到你到了哪一個步驟。








電話:2824 5000




電話:2678 2678




電話:2887 3411




電話:2880 6988




電話:187 8088




電話:2921 2222







當然,如果你先前已經添加了信用卡資料到「您的信用卡」,就無需再次填寫了。如果你在Reap dashboard有兩張或以上的信用卡資料,系統會使用你默認的那一張。不論是哪一種情況,系統都會跳過第三步和第四步,直接去到第五步。因為第四步:「個人」也只是你登記Reap時所填寫的基本個人資料而已。


最後,你需要檢查一下之前填寫的資料是否準確無誤。如果有錯漏的話,你可以按「付款詳情」、「受款人資料」或「信用卡詳情」右下方的「Edit」更改。你也可以按頁面正上方的 progress bar,更改其他步驟的資料。



希望這篇網誌令大家更了解如何使用Reap dashboard,特別是對於新用戶而言。




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